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A native of Baltimore, MD, who now calls New York City home, Steven Richardson is a watchmaker and high-end designer of elegant one-of-a-kind timepieces.

For more than a decade, Richardson has designed, crafted, and manufactured exquisite limited-edition timepieces. What sets Richardson apart from other horologists is that he

personally handcrafts every watch; expertly sculpturing and engraving the inner-workings of each exclusive timepiece. He calls his special craft “mechanical art,” and his clients include

watch connoisseurs, collectors, and celebrities, including Maya Angelou, Malik Yoba, Ovie Mughelli, Keith Robinson, Ray Lewis, Tracy Morgan and Larry Miller.

Richardson began his journey as a jewelry designer in 1995, working in gold, silver, and precious stones, and later traveled to Thailand, Brazil, and Japan to study new methods and

gain inspiration from other cultures.

Returning to the US, he combined his knowledge of gems and jewelry design with his growing fascination with timepieces, studying horology under a master watchmaker in New York

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