Black Lamborghini Timepiece

Black Lamborghini Timepiece

Price: $18,500.00

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Black Lamborghini Timepiece

NKIRU Lamborghini Lover Black Timepiece. Velocity, time and performance - the ultimate cool NKIRU Lamborghini. This stylish driver’s companion uses exotic metals; palladium, a rare lustrous silvery-white metal and iridium, both in synergy with a mounted 24k solid gold Lamborghini bull. A bright yellow exotic lizard strap adds a racer’s edge to this timepiece fresh off the assembly line.


Lamborghini Timepiece

Case: Pure palladium and iridium 45mm finished with black PVD
Movement: Swiss mechanical hand sculpture, engraved in-house Nkiru/Artur black plated finish
Dial: 24k solid gold Lamborghini bull
Crystal: Sapphire
Band: 22m lamborghini yellow lizard
Artist: Steven Richardson